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Get Involved

The tragedy of the earthquake has brought with it a unique opportunity to bring about a new way of doing things in Haiti. With so many people wanting to see new and lasting changes that will bring Haiti into a new prosperous future, we must not waste a moment – let’s get to work!

Haiti Works! is all about linking people, businesses and organizations so that we can leverage our individual strengths and accomplish far more together than our individual efforts could attain. Our mission is putting people to work building the new Haiti!

The fact that you are here exploring our website, tells me that you are interested in making a difference in Haiti. What are your interests, your skills and resources?

Let us know what you would like to bring to our efforts and lets explore how we can work together to bring about the change we all envision.


Would you like to volunteer your time with Haiti Works?

There’s lots to be done and not enough people to do it! Whether your strengths are in communication, planning, design, administration, research, outreach, or any other type of organizational activity that fits with our mission, I’ll bet we can find a place for you. Please let us know your skills and experience.


Do you want to find a good way to donate and help the people of Haiti?

Perhaps you like what Haiti Works! is doing, but don’t have time or expertise to lend to our efforts. Your monetary donation is always appreciated and will go a long way to helping out our efforts! Whether you can give $10.00 or $10,000.00, you can be sure your money will be put to maximum use. Our efforts are focused on getting funds right “to the ground” where each dollar spent achieves the maximum benefit for Haiti. Please visit our Donate page.


Are you interested in assisting in applying for funding from outside funding organizations?

The resources we raise for Haiti Works! help to fund our own administrative expenses as well as some of our smaller projects and undertakings. However some of our planned projects such as relocation housing projects and master planning for cities will require funding greater than our organization can raise in a timely manner. For these projects we will need assistance from outside organizations dedicated to raising funds for projects such as ours. Please let us know if you or your organization can assist Haiti Works! in this regard.

Haiti Relief Organization

Are you another organization helping Haiti already?

Would you like to partner with us or link to our site? Let us know what you do and let’s see how we can work together.


Are you part of an educational institution that can lend expertise?

City master planning, housing design, developing innovative new businesses for Haiti, are just a few of the projects that can benefit greatly from both student participation as well as institutional knowledge and expertise. Let us know if your organization would like to work with us.


Are you a business that would like to work in Haiti and do you have an idea for a business?

Whether you want to supply services or products to Haiti, open a business or industry in Haiti, sell Haitian products, or have production performed in Haiti, there are many opportunities for businesses to work with Haiti and this is the core to rebuilding the Haitian economy and creating employment. Investment, partnerships, mentoring, and sharing expertise are keys to new growth. Agriculture, aquaculture, manufacturing, energy production, micro-industries, service industries, infrastructure creation are just some of the many areas full of opportunity for business. Let us know your ideas for generating new business in Haiti.

Working together we can build a new Haiti.