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Building the Future of Haiti

About Haiti Works!

Welcome to Haiti

Haiti Works! is a not-for-profit organization formed for the purpose of aiding Haiti in its long term recovery and rebuilding efforts following the devastation caused by the January 12, 2010 earthquake. Leaving aid and relief efforts to the many other organizations that specialize in such work, Haiti Works! focuses on the development of long term strategies, planning, projects, and partnerships that will help to rebuild Haiti as a modern country with a vibrant economy.

Our areas of focus include:

Short Term Goals:

Long Term Goals:

  • Master planning for cities and towns to assure reconstruction meets long term needs
  • Adoption of internationally recognized building codes and procedures that meet earthquake and hurricane design standards
  • Upgrading of building materials used in construction PEconomic development and educational programs to provide maximum employment and opportunity for Haitian worker

Our Strategy:

  • Assessing the situation in Haiti through observation, assessment and meeting with individuals, government and nongovernmental organizations
  • Communicating findings to counterparts in the U.S and other areas
  • Publicizing needs and activities to maintain awareness of the Haitian situation
  • Create partnerships with individuals and organizations with the resources, desire and ability to facilitate the implementation of our initiatives
  • Assist in hiring private firms to perform work required to implement goals
  • Act as trustee for distribution of funds to private organizations
  • Apply for grants / funding from fundraising organizations to fund our projects
  • Administer Adopt-a-City program where we identify innovative ways cities can lend assistance