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Emergency preparedness

There is no way to start anew with rubble and debris everywhere.

After addressing the immediate needs of people following the earthquake – housing, food health care and the like – it is clear that the next action has to be cleanup of the millions of tons of debris which remain.

Six months after the earthquake, the Haiti Works! team went on a fact finding mission to Haiti to reveal that rubble has been cleared enough to make most streets passable, and rubble has been individually cleared out of various areas to the extent required to regain function. However, for all intents and purposes, the rubble sits in piles throughout all areas close to where it first fell, if not untouched altogether.

The rubble is not only a stark testament to the horrible destruction that took place during the earthquake, but also a nagging reminder of how much needs to be done, and worse, how little appears to be happening now. The sad truth is that although there has been worldwide concern and attention, and large funds raised, little is visible to the eye other than tents and camps that have been set up to house the displaced population.

If something is not done soon to clean up the debris, the population will no doubt begin to show signs of unrest.

Indeed, to restore the hope of the Haitian people, and to show them the world cares and is ready to go to work rebuilding the country, it is imperative the we create the "clean slate" so many have talked about by clearing the rubble and making way for the reconstruction of Haiti.

The Haiti Works! Solution

Working with our private consultants, Haiti Works! has developed a detailed plan for the clearing of hundreds of thousands of tons of debris quickly and processing it into graded inspected recycled material which can be used in future construction for roads, utility projects, and other projects requiring controlled fill material. The effort will employ heavy mobile and stationary equipment to achieve rapid results and will also employ hundreds of local workers for the effort. We will utilize local contractor’s equipment wherever possible to support local businesses.

Once we achieve our fundraising goals, within an aggressive 3 week timetable, we will be able to mobilize our effort to include:

  • shipping large equipment and machinery
  • setting up of our processing facility
  • commencing work

Haitians will see rapid visible results of our cleanup efforts and will witness hundreds of local Haitian workers employed in support of Rubble to Roads. We feel our effort will give renewed hope instantly to the tens of thousands of Haitians residing in the area of our focus.

It is estimated that there are 60 million tons of rubble to be cleared. We will be seeking funding from all fundraising organizations to grow our effort and expand it exponentially in a short time-frame to rapidly clear out the debris from the earthquake so that Haiti can move forward with rebuilding efforts.

View our Rubble to Roads Action Plan or contact us if you are able to assist in this effort