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Adopt a City

Through the Adopt-a-City initiative, Haiti Works! pairs Connecticut and Haitian cities in a partnership where aid, assistance and expertise are provided in support of reconstruction efforts. It is very attractive to Haitian cities to be "adopted" by as many American counterparts as possible to gain the most resources and expertise as possible. As Haiti Works! continues to grow, we anticipate replicating our efforts many times over in Connecticut, as well as other states across the country.

Our outreach efforts will continue to grow our direct and personal connections to key players in the Haitian cities. Frequent visits to Haiti and constant communication are designed to reach the important individuals that are involved in the reconstruction efforts. These contacts include high level government officials and other leaders within the business and local communities. By addressing immediate needs of the cities with such acts as donations of needed equipment, including ambulances, fire trucks, construction and demolition equipment, we strengthen our ties and demonstrate our commitment to the Haitian population.

Current Adopt-a-City partnerships:

Contact us if you are interested in learning how your city can participate in the Adopt-a-City program.